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2017 CFC Online Study Course

Electronic (digital download/no shipping)

Advisory Council, Advisory Council - Board, Affiliate Association, Affiliate Member, Associate, Board, Guest, Individual, Limited Affiliate Member, Non-Profit, Plan Administrator / Consultant / Service Provider, Plan Sponsor Corporate - $699.00
NonMember - $899.00


The eight part CFC program consists of eight downloadable, prerecorded conference sessions, each about 60 minutes in length. The course is designed to help participants prepare for the CFC certification exam, which can be taken at any time online (after registration, exam fee and qualifications are confirmed). The Study Courses are designed specifically for each of the exams. If you are pursuing either the FCS or CFC designation, but have limited time to prepare for the new online exam, this intensive study program is for you!This program is designed to reinforce and enhance your knowledge in the major domains of flexible compensation, while making the most of your time. There are eight domains, the first three are applicable to both the FCS and CFC certification exams. The remaining five domains are specific only to the CFC exam: Domains 1-3: Applicable to both FCS & CFC exams Domain 1: Flexible Spending Accounts Domain 2: Claims Management & Payment Cards Domain 3: Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) Domain 4: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Domains 5-8: Applicable to the CFC exam only Domain 5: Legal Requirements Domain 6: Nondiscrimination Testing Domain 7: Documentation and Filing Requirements Domain 8: Transit & Parking Plans

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Product ID: CFC-ONLINE-2017
Publication Year: 2015