ECFC 2015 Legislative & Regulatory Survey


Legislative and Administrative advocacy is key to promoting the advantages of consumer choice and benefits, as well as the growth of this industry, your company, and our communities. ECFC engages on behalf of its member companies and the industry as a whole with the intention of providing education and awareness to key policymakers and thought leaders.

We are conducting a survey of all ECFC members in order to prioritize our legislative and regulatory strategies for this coming year and would appreciate your completing this short—but very important—12 question survey by Friday, December 19. You can access the survey via this link:

In Questions #6 and #10, you are asked to provide a ranking number from the drop-down menu next to an answer choice. When you select a ranking, the other answer choices dynamically adjust to the ranking order selected. This movement happens very quickly, so sometimes you may not realize that the order of the choices has changed since the order of the numbers remains stationary while the change occurs. You may find it easiest to complete these two questions by dragging and dropping your choices in order of preference, with your top choice in the first position, and so on.

We’re proud to share our recent key legislative and regulatory accomplishments and activities below—and look forward to you and your company joining us as we continue to advocate on behalf of consumer choice and benefits.

ECFC Key Legislative and Regulatory Accomplishments

  • Elimination of Use-or-Lose replaced by a carryover of up to $500 of unused health FSA funds
  • Repeal of small group deductible limits
  • Preservation of FSAs through healthcare reform

Other Key ECFC Activities and Accomplishments

  • Successful Hill Visits at Annual Conference
  • Increased awareness of ECFC and the rise of consumer-directed benefits on the Hill
  • Developed partnerships and coalitions on issues such as parity for the commuter transit benefit