ECFC Talking Points on ECFC Excise Tax Position


This past week you should have received a toolkit in support of the My Money, My Health web-site ECFC launched as part of our efforts to repeal the Cadillac Tax.  A full repeal is the desired goal of ECFC and other coalitions such as ‘Fight the Forty’, Labor Unions, and many Chambers of Commerce.

As explained in the materials, there is a possibility that a full repeal may not happen this year.  In an effort to give employers and employees some level of immediate relief, ECFC has proposed that if full repeal isn’t possible now, Congress should consider the corrective action of removing employee FSA and HSA contributions from the calculations as a first step toward full repeal.  ECFC recognizes this is a highly visible and sensitive topic for many employers and would strongly encourage you to read through the materials provided in the toolkit to help you articulate ECFC’s position as you reach out to your employer clients. 

For your convenience, we have posted a document online here that specifically addresses why ECFC is advocating for full repeal of the Excise Tax while also seeking immediate relief for account based plans.

A groundswell of support from employees and employers alike will provide critical momentum to our efforts to repeal the Cadillac tax.If you did not receive the toolkit, you can locate the materials on the ECFC web-site here. We thank you for your continued support.