IRS Notice 2012-40 Guidance Related to 2500 FSA Salary Reduction Cap and Use It or Lose It


The IRS issued guidance in the form of IRS Notice 2012-40 regarding the $2,500 limit for health FSA salary reductions.

More specifically, the guidance indicates that “taxable year” refers to the plan’s “plan year;” therefore, the rule will not affect any plans beginning prior to January 1, 2013, and fiscal plan years will not be impacted until the first plan year beginning on or after January 1, 2013. This is great news for non-calendar year plans and resolves many issues for plan sponsors, especially governmental and school groups that operate on a non-calendar year basis. Also, plans will have until the end of the calendar year 2014 to amend their plans.

Other items of interest from the guidance include:

  • The $2,500 limit only applies to salary reductions (including cashable credits); it does NOT apply to non-elective contributions that cannot be cashed out or received in the form of taxable benefits
  • Unused amounts carried over during a grace period are not counted toward the $ 2,500 limit.

In another very favorable development, the IRS has solicited comments on modifying (and perhaps eliminating) the use-or-lose-it requirement.

Comments are required by August 17, 2012.  ECFC will be working through its Legislative Committee on preparing comments that can be adapted by members and employers, so be sure to participate in our ongoing 2nd and 4th Tuesday Legislative Update calls to keep up-to-date. Please send any suggested comments/edits in advance (using blackline function) to

The following documents will be discussed during the July 24 ECFC Legislative Workgroup call (1:30-2:00 pm): i) a near final draft of a comment letter and template related to the SBC requirement and how it applies to HRA plans; and ii) an initial comment letter related to IRS Notice 2012-40 and the potential elimination of use it or lose it.  Work group committee input and comment is encouraged.  Please send any suggested comments/edits in advance (using blackline function) to

Click on the links below to view member submitted comments:

AA(Cathy_Bucher) 7.17.2012
AIC (Janice Johnson) 7.17.2012
BEC (Billy Robinson) 7.17.2012
BKD (Clara Featherstone) 7.17.2012
BU (Frank Schiavo) 7.17.2012
BWC (Brian Muhich) 7.17.2012
CBC (Gail Hiller-Lee) 7.17.2012
CW (Susan Probst) 7.17.2012
Eduventures Inc (Lauren Nicoll) 7.17.2012
FMICN (Sherry Stevenson) 7.17.2012
GMPCS (Tom Stoll) 7.17.2012
HA (Brenda Fahrenholz) 7.17.2012
HRCI (Aaron McCullough) 7.17.2012
IBS (Mark Sommers)7.17.2012
Integrity Benefits, LLC (William Lewis) 7.17.2012
KHF (Scott Kauffman) 7.17.2012
KHS (Karissa Vescovich) 7.17.2012
LBT (Angi Marksbury) 7.17.2012
LOAB (Allen Buckley) 7.17.2012
MVT (Jackie Davis) 7.17.2012
NALCD (Mary Chrysler) 7.17.2012
NASDAQ (Leonard Comberiate) 7.17.2012
OESSI (Scott Parker) 7.17.2012
OSVT (Steve Green) 7.17.2012
PT (Denise Morse) 7.17.2012
SABCI (Jim Miller) 7.17.2012
SB (ReSheldia Igboanugo) 7.17.2012
St. Camillus San Camillo (Pam Loveless) 7.17.2012
Tanknology (Barbara Botts) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Angela Clark 2nd comment) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Angela Clark) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Anna Michaels) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Arun Samy) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Authur Vichnis) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (BillRiley) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Brandan Hart) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Brian Littrell) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Celisse Collier) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Chris Joseph) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Christine Blake) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Christine Haynes) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Dave Price) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Dawn Scott) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Erik Jacobs) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Ethan McKinney) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Frank Burkhardt) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Joan Hall) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (John Debbie Saunders) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (John Howald 2nd comment) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (John Howald) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Jori Church) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Karen Rogers) 7.17.2012
Taxpaye (Kathleen Cuzner) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Kristin Harbuck) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Lee Langlinais) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Lynn Polke) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Maggie Smith) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Megan Shirts) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Mike Bishop) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Pat Krummel) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Paul Dickens) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Paul Nolan) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Peter Noronha) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Richard Altinger) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Richard De Francesco) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Rob Contin) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Shawn Towey) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Stephen Fath) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Steve R.) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Teresa Childers) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Teresa Wassman) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Toby Harris) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Tyler Baeten) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Venu Lingamaneni) 7.17.2012
Taxpayer (Will Nipper) 7.17.2012
TCG (Joy Inman) 7.17.2012
The Crichton Group (Susan Newkirk) 7.17.2012
TRR (Anand Patel) 7.17.2012
TVB (Diane LeBlanc) 7.17.2012
VS (Wendy Walker) 7.17.2012
WageWorks (J. Jackson J. Dietel) 7.17.2012
WKLB (Miriam Scott) 7.17.2012
WVRM (Kim Martin) 7.17.2012

Added August 8, 2012
BRBTI (Amy Boche)
CCCSN (Mikki Venekamp)
CTC (Janet Laurent)
Hollis and Miller Architects (Dennis Lee) Part1
IRPAC (Leonard Jacobs)
IS (Rich Glass)
LI (Susan Harris)
LL Bean, Inc. (Brenda Stevenson)
LOAB, LLC. (Allen Buckley-2nd comment)
MFC (Beverly Schugk)
MIC (Kelly Kinner)
MM (Nancy Zurbuchen)
MRCI WS (Brenda Simpson)
NSF (Deb Carey)
Robie Matthai (Katherine Bratton)
RSRC (Shirley Crary)
SBA (W. Sargeant D.Taylor)
SDPBC (Dianne Howard)
Taxpayer (Aaron Nichols)
Taxpayer (Alan Falk)

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