The monthly series of ECFC teleconferences provide a unique and valuable opportunity for association members to receive in-depth briefings on important and timely topics by experts from ECFC’s Technical Advisory Committee and key decision-makers in government. Teleconference registrants have the extra advantage of being able to listen to the audio recording of the teleconference after they have occurred.

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The hour long teleconference starts each second Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm ET (12pm CT, 11am MT, 10am PT) except for the months of March and August.

ECFC’s top experts work through difficult and delicate topics in one-hour sessions. Topics are appropriate to the month and many will elaborate and further discuss ECFC FLEX Reporter articles and answer questions. The sessions are designed to pass on up-to-the minute information as well as technical expertise.

Tentative 2015 Teleconference Topics:

  • Final Agency “Pay or Play” Rules: What Needs to be Done for Compliance
  • Wellness program compliance issues (final ACA regs, integration with HSAs, on-site medical clinics, and telephonic clinics
  • Update on carryover guidance and compliance issues
  • HRA administration in a Post 2013-54 world
  • HIPAA compliance issues and the use of email or text to communicate FSA benefits
  • Public Exchange - Implications for Plan Sponsors

Please note the ECFC and our speakers attempt to cover the targeted materials and presentation in the allotted 60 minutes, occasionally presentations may exceed the allotted time due to the breadth of the information being discussed or number of questions asked by the teleconference participants.

Dial In Instructions are sent on the Monday before the conference call to registrants via email only.

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We understand that some participants would prefer to select sessions on a monthly basis. For those organizations and individuals, we offer registration for single sessions. Individual sessions are available to ECFC members at a price of $200 per session ($250 for associate and individual members) and to non-members for $300. For members, each additional participant will be $50. For non-members, each additional participant is $100. View the event calendar for the next ECFC Teleconference session topics.

Continuing Education (CE) Units

In 2015, each monthly Teleconference session is worth 1 Continuing Education unit, applicable towards FCS, CFC/ACFC, or CFCI/ACFCI certification or recertification credit unless otherwise noted. For information on COBRA CE units, please contact ECFC as session topics determine these continuing education units. For verification purposes, ONLY registered participants will receive continuing education units for the 2015 ECFC Teleconferences. All additional participants must be registered individually in order to receive credit for CE units.

Many ECFC members have multiple people who wish to listen to the call AND receive the 1 CE credit. ECFC offers a special discount for multiple participants listening from the same phone line (additional participants must be associated with an Annual Series Registrant). To subscribe to the Annual Teleconference Series as an additional participant and receive 1 CE credits, register each individual additional participant by registering here. You will receive the additional participant, members-only rate of only $350 ($1,000 for non-members). If you have many additional registrants you would like to enroll, email us at with the names of those you wish to register and a single, multiple registration invoice can be created and emailed to you.

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Did you know that if you missed a past Teleconference Session that you can still register to hear it “on-demand.” Check out the diversity and expertise that ECFC has offered this past year, and if you are looking for Continuing Education units towards your certification or re-certification, this is an excellent way to earn those CE units. Each Teleconference Session provides 1 CE unit. Email ECFC Membership Associate Maggie McDonnell at if you are interested in exploring this on-demand opportunity.

Past Year’s Sessions

Legal Issues for Workplace Wellness and Disease Management Programs(October 2015)

There are a myriad of legal rules relating to wellness and disease management programs in the workplace. Join Mark Stember, Esq. as he examines these rules, including the HIPAA nondiscrimination rules, HIPAA privacy, EEOC, GINA, tax rules, and state laws. Emphasis will be placed on newer changes to these rules, such as the proposed EEOC regulations, the final HIPAA nondiscrimination rules and GINA. We will also examine typical wellness programs in the workplace and discuss how to better position and streamline these programs under applicable laws.

What Exactly Is a HIPAA Risk Assessment and How do I Prepare One? (September 2015)

Join Kathryn Bakich, J.D., (SVP, National Health Care Compliance Practice Leader in Segal’s Washington, DC office) and Jody L. Dietel, ACFCI, CAS, (Chief Compliance Officer for WageWorks, Inc.) as they walk through the Risk Assessment Requirement and provide practical tools for CEs and BAs to perform their Risk Assessments.

Impact of the Supreme Court Decision on Account Based Plans and Employer provided Health Coverage (July 2015)

Join John Hickman, Esq. and Carolyn Smith as they discuss the implications for employers of the Supreme Court’s decision in King v Burwell upholding the payment of premium tax credits through both State and Federal Exchanges.

Big Data Breach: Lessons from Anthem (June 2015)

Join Mark Stember, Esq. as he discusses chief takeaways from the three health care breaches to date, plus updates on HIPAA phase 2 audits and on FTC regulation of covered entities.

What’s Keeping Health Plan Sponsors Up at Night: Final 6055/6056 Reporting Forms (May 2015)

Join Alston & Bird’s Ashley Gillihan as he walks you through the logistics of ACA required reporting (IRS Forms 1094 and 1095) for employer sponsored health plans. Learn about what’s keeping them up at night and steps they are taking to ensure compliance. This session will include a practical walk through of the required forms and filing requirements.

IRS Notice 2015-16 a Deep Dive on the Cadillac Tax Implications for FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs (April 2015)

Is it a Cadillac Tax or a Chevy Tax? Understand the ins and outs of the Excise tax, the impact on employer plans and steps you can take now to prepare for it. As an added bonus, understand the advocacy efforts underway already to mitigate the tax’s impact. Join Jody L. Dietel, Chief Compliance Officer at WageWorks, Inc. and Allison Ullman, a Principal with Groom Law Group’s Health and Welfare practice for this important session.

What’s in store for FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, and Flex under the Leading Healthcare Proposals (February 2015)

Just in time for our March Annual Conference and Hill visits, John Hickman, Esq., CFCI, of Alston & Bird and William Sweetnam, Jr., Esq. of The Groom Law Group drill down on leading legislative proposals, including the Hatch and Boustany bills, affecting healthcare, which includes a comprehensive walk through of these bills and how they may help‒or hurt‒your business.

Legislative Outlook for Benefit Programs in 2015 (January 2015)

2015 will be an active year for legislation dealing with employee benefits matters. With the Republicans taking control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives in 2015, they will want to show the public that they have a legislative agenda of their own and are not just reflexively against President Obama’s agenda. Join William Sweetnam, Jr., Esq., of Groom Law Group as he discusses potential changes to the Affordable Care Act, proposals to expand 401(k) plans, and how tax reform could impact employer-provided benefit programs.

2014 Year-end Compliance Round-up and Looking Forward for 2015 (December 2014)

Hear the latest in compliance requirements for FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and transit from John Hickman, Esq., CFCI, and Ashley Gillihan, Esq., with Alston & Bird as they walk through the annual checklist.

What Just Happened? A Look at Voting Patterns and What They Tell Us about the 2016 Presidential Race (November 2014)

Emerging healthcare thought leader Sohini Gupta and Mehlman Castagnetti Partner Kelly Bingel discuss the results of the 2014 elections and what to expect in the lame duck session of Congress. They’ll also provide a deeper dive into voting patterns for a look at trends that could influence the 2016 presidential race.

HIPAA Compliance for FSAs, HRAs, and Their Administrators (October 2014)

In today’s world of big data breaches and record fines from OCR (the federal agency responsible for enforcing HIPAA) compliance is more important than ever. ECFC TAC member Andrew Haynes, Esq., Haynes Benefits, walks through HIPAA compliance (nuts to soup) for FSAs, HRAs, and their Administrators. The session covers current topics including electronic data interchange, health plan identification numbers, certifications, mobile technology and recent OCR activity.

Employer Penalty and MEC Reporting (September 2014)

The IRS previously released the employer penalty and MEC reporting regulations, but left substantial amounts of the guidance to be set forth in a later guidance. Recently, the reporting forms were released, and we have been informed the reporting instructions to the forms will be released soon. Mark Stember, Esq., CFCI, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP discusses: the employer penalty and MEC reporting requirements; the newly released reporting forms, and instructions if released in time; and application of reporting requirements to all types of employers and health plans, including defined contribution plans.

Health Plan Identification Number (HPID) and HIPPA EDI Certification (August 2014)

Learn what new requirements lie in store for health plans (including FSAs and HRAs) and when under the HIPAA and ACA HPID and electronic data interchange certification requirements with Kathryn Bakich, Esq., The Segal Company.

FSA Corrections: Pay and chase and other IRS mandates (July 2014)

The Office of Chief Counsel, IRS recently issued a memorandum on Correction Procedures for Improper Health FSA payments. If you’ve seen the memo, you may be wondering:

  • What is a Chief Counsel Memorandum?
  • Does the Guidance contain anything new?
  • What questions does it answer and what questions does it raise?

Christine Keller, Esq. from Groom Law Group and Jody Dietel, ACFCI, CAS, WageWorks provide a timely overview of this topic, including a review of already issued guidance, what the Chief Counsel Memorandum is, steps industry professionals should take to review their practices and procedures in light of this information.

Individual Medical Premiums and HRAs, Cafeteria Plans and Employer Payment Plans: What Remains Following Notice 2013-54 (June 2014)

ECFC TAC Committee members John Hickman, Esq., CFCI with Alston & Bird and William Sweetnam, Jr., Esq., with Groom Law Group as they walk you through the IRS guidance governing HRAs, exchanges, and individual medical premiums, addressing issues like when (if ever) can an individual premium be paid on a pre-tax basis. In addition they highlight issues and opportunities for HRAs under IRS guidance.

Pay or Play Revisited: The Practical Impact (May 2014)

After a quick recap of the final rules, learn the practical impact on employer health plan design. Will pay or play make flex plans, HRAs, and HSAs more popular? And why? ECFC TAC member Ashley Gillihan, Esq., with Alston & Bird provides the practical advice needed to help benefits professionals address the rules.

HITECH Compliance in a Mobile World (April 2014)

Members of the ECFC Technical Advisory Committee, Kathy Bakich with The Segal Company and Jody Dietel, ACFCI, CAS with Wage Works, walk through the HIPAA HITECH issues that may arise when using mobile and email for FSA and health plan administration, including what risks arise and the compliance steps that should be taken.