Bill Ending Government Shutdown Also Delays Cadillac Tax for 2 years


Last evening, President Trump signed a bill which would fund the government for another three weeks, thereby ending the three-day shutdown of the government.  The bill text is here  Included in section 4002 of the bill is a provision which would delay the effective date of the excise tax on high-cost employer-sponsored health plans (the “Cadillac Tax”) for two additional years, until 2022.  ECFC has been lobbying for repeal of the Cadillac Tax since its enactment as part of the Affordable Care Act and for the delay of the implementation of the tax until full repeal can be enacted.  This extension of the effective date of the implementation of the tax is good news for ECFC and its membership.

William F. Sweetnam, Jr
ECFC Legislative and Technical Director

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