ECFC Joins with 36 Groups to Ask Congress for Cadillac Tax Relief


Today, ECFC signed onto a letter with 36 other prominent trade groups to request that Congress grant relief from the impending 40 percent “Cadillac” tax on employer-sponsored health coverage before the end of this year.

The letter stresses the importance of quick action by pointing out the following:
- Many employers plan for and determine benefits up to two years in advance.
- These employers are already restructuring their health care benefit offerings to avoid the future tax.
- If the Cadillac tax is not repealed, many employers will be forced to make additional benefit modifications.
- Employees will be hurt by higher copays and deductibles and lower Health Savings Account contributions.

We encourage you to download the letter and send it on to your members of Congress:

Media Contact:

Martin Trussell
(202) 659-4300

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