Flexible Compensation Specialist (FCS) and Certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) Webinar Series


Back by popular demand, ECFC is offering a “teach-to-the-test” webinar series on Wednesdays of the month, starting April 18th at 11:30 am - 1: 00 pm ET.  Sessions are designed to help candidates prepare for the Flexible Compensation Specialist (FCS) or the Certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) exam. Each session will be taught by an ECFC Education Committee member and will include an opportunity for questions to be asked following the prepared program.
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Each webinar provides 1.5 FCI Continuing Education (CE) units. FCS includes sessions 1-4. CFC includes sessions 1-8.

Webinar Series schedule:

Session 1: April 18, 2018
Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA)

Session 2: May 2, 2018
Claims Management and Payment Cards

Session 3: May 16, 2018
Consumer-directed healthcare: Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)

Session 4: May 30, 2018
Consumer-directed healthcare: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Session 5: June 6, 2018
Legal Requirements

Session 6: June 20, 2018
Plan nondiscrimination

Session 7: July 18, 2018
Documentation and Filing Requirements

Session 8: July 25, 2018
Transit, Commuter and Parking Plans


Speakers TBA
Order of sessions is subject to change. All sessions will be recorded.

Media Contact:

Martin Trussell
(202) 659-4300

About Employers Council on Flexible Compensation

The Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance and expansion of private employee benefit programs on a tax-advantaged basis. The organization has two driving missions. The first is to represent and promote flexible compensation programs through effective lobbying. The second is to provide information on flexible compensation programs to member, national opinion leaders and the general public to help create a positive climate for the growth of flexible compensation.