Politico leaked text of draft on ACA repeal and replace dated February 10


Today, Politico leaked text of a draft on ACA repeal and replace. It is date stamped by Leg Counsel as February 10, 2017, so this is very likely outdated by now. 

A couple of notable points:
•      OTC Rx is repealed;
•      FSA salary reduction annual cap lifted (repealed)
•      Includes many HSA improvements – much in line with the Hatch/Paulsen bills introduced last week.
•      Employer Exclusion Cap applies and replaces Cadillac tax. Includes FSAs in the cap (but the text is bracketed – perhaps meaning it is under consideration).

It is very important to note that this draft is two weeks old and we have had intel in the last few weeks that contradicts some of this. Our intent in sending this out is to keep you apprised of the very fluid nature of repeal/repair/replace discussions.

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