President Trump Signs New Executive Order Impacting Association Health Plans and HRAs


Today, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Departments of Treasury, Labor and Health and Human Services to review and potentially revise the following guidance:

• The Secretary of Labor is asked to consider expanding the current rules regarding Association Health Plans (AHPs) to potentially allow an AHP to be offered across state lines to organizations within the same line of business or allow organizations in a state or metropolitan area to form a AHP.  These AHPs would not be allowed to exclude any employee from joining the plan or to develop premiums based on health conditions.

• The Secretaries of the Treasury, Labor and HHS are asked to consider changes to the rules regarding Health Reimbursement Arrangements so that employers can make better use of them for their employees.  Changes that could be considered are allowing the payment of insurance premiums by an HRA and allowing free-standing HRAs.

• The Secretaries of the Treasury, Labor and HHS are asked to consider whether to expand the availability of low cost short-term limited duration insurance.

Here are links to the executive order and related documents prepared by the White House.


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